Social Media Ambassadors

Social Media Ambassadors volunteer to engage with alumni worldwide and with the College on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Participants in the Social Media Ambassador (SMA) program will help generate positive energy about State College of Florida online. SMAs help disseminate and generate content for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Application Process
Alumni interested in becoming social media ambassadors should fill out an application using the link at the bottom of this page.

Roles and Responsibilities
SMAs commit to serve for a one-year term, with the option to renew.
SMAs are expected to maintain contact with the Advancement Associate of Community Engagement, including semi-annual conference calls, to collaborate with the staff and other ambassadors. The Advancement Associate of Community Engagement will send regular email communication to SMAs with updates about upcoming social media events and opportunities.

SMAs will be asked to regularly share content from the College’s social media accounts that interest them and which they believe would resonate with alumni in their social networks. In addition, they will promote time-sensitive College initiatives and programs. These may include significant campus events, fundraising campaigns, and admissions-related information. The time commitment for this volunteer role is about one hour per month.

SMAs can accomplish these goals in many ways:

· Like, comment on, share, or retweet posts from the Foundation and College social media accounts.
· Tweet from alumni events and encourage others to do the same.
· Post photos from events on Facebook or Twitter (using the hashtag #SCFFoundation #SCFproud #ManateeStrong #ForeverManatees #ForeverLancers).
· Encourage their alumni network to follow alumni social media accounts

Alumni Questions?

Please contact Madeline Mangas at 941-752-5336 or for more information on Alumni questions and opportunities.

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