Apply for a Scholarship

Applying For A Scholarship Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3.....

We are so glad that you are attending State College of Florida!

The scholarship application window is from January 4th – April 15th. If you have not applied for a scholarship, you may still complete the online application. Students who have completed the application before the deadline will receive priority awarding.

If you have any questions, please call us at 941-752-5390 or e-mail Aretha Kutegeka at or


Am I Qualified?

The minimum qualifications for a State College of Florida Foundation scholarship are as follows:

Must be attending State College of Florida
Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
Must maintain above a 2.0 cumulative GPA

Some of our scholarships have more specific requirements, but we have scholarships for all types of students!

So… How does it work?

Our wonderful SCF Foundation donors help make your scholarship funding possible. After you submit your applications, a committee of application reviewers score your application and award the scholarships to SCF degree-seeking students who have met the individual criteria of our scholarships.

SCF Foundation scholarships are awarded by year (fall and spring) unless otherwise noted in your offer e-mail. Our scholarships are designed to pay about ½ of the tuition and fees at the State College of Florida (unless otherwise stated) they are NOT full-ride scholarships.

I’ve applied. Now what?

Now you wait—you’ve finished your application and filled out any ‘Apply-to’ scholarships that may be open, your scholarship is in review! This process  runs during the summer semester and we ask that you check your SCF Student e-mail frequently. We only allow a one-week window for students to accept their scholarship and upload their thank you letter before pulling the offer and sending it to another student, so time is of the essence!  

When Will I Hear Back?

Typically, our yearly scholarships are not awarded until the summer, so while we always advise students to check their student e-mails regularly, June is going to be the month to really be on top of it. 

Scholarship Questions?

Please contact Aretha Kutegeka at 941-752-5390 or for more information on SCFF Scholarships