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Director and Committee Meeting Dates:

  1. Finance & Resource Development:   2023 Coming
  2.  Board of Directors: 2023 Coming
  3. Asset Management Committee: 2023 Coming
  4.  Audit Committee:
  5. Scholarship and Ad Hoc Committees: To Be Announced & Published (As Needed)

Special Note:  Community Guest are to call 941-752-5390 to RSVP before the meeting or 941-752-5390 to reach Cassandra Holmes.

2022-2023 Meetings/Workshops:
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Board of Directors Meeting 2/23/2023:


Board of Directors Meeting 12/08/2022:

20221208 Board Meeting Binder

2021-2022 Meetings/Workshops:

Asset Management Committee 11/10/2022:
SCFF Asset Management Meeting Binder 11-10-22

Board of Directors Meeting 9/22/2022:
Consent Agenda Binder 9.22.22
BOD Governance Binder

Finance & Resource Development Committee Meeting 9/8/2022
9.8.22 Executive Summary_Updated Financial Statements

Board of Directors Meeting 6/16/2022:
BOD Consent Agenda Binder 6.16.22

Finance & Resource Development Committee Meeting 6/2/2022
FRDC Meeting Binder 6.2.22
DG Budget Presentation 6.2.22 FINAL
2022-23 summary draft SCFF Budget

Asset Management Committee 7/28/2022:
SCFF Asset Management Meeting Binder 5-26-22
Agenda Docs 7.28.22 & 2Q QIR

Audit Committee Meeting 5/12/2022:
SCFF Audit Committee Meeting Binder 5-12-2022

Board of Directors Meeting 4/14/2022:
20220414 BOD MEETING Binder (Updated 4.13.22)
Exhibit A 2022 Finalized 4.14.22 by Board
BOD Manual Updated 6.3.22