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We welcome our alumni back to campus!

#SCFProud Tradition! Pride! Spirit!

Welcome Back, Alumni! #SCFPROUD

As a graduate of Manatee Junior College, Manatee Community College or State College of Florida, you can be proud of your “Manatee” experience. SCF is a vibrant academic community, thanks to our talented and dedicated faculty, our loyal alumni, and our generous supporters. Together we’ve built a top-tier institution that continues to stimulate and enrich the lives of our students, and the life of our community.


Your alma mater has grown to more than 60,000 alumni living worldwide. Nationally, SCF was named among the top 50 nursing associate degree producers and top 100 associate degree producers in all disciplines. Our pass rates on certification exams for our health profession graduates exceed national and state averages. SCF was one of 25 two-year colleges chosen as being among the world’s best film schools. Some of our graduates have transferred to Ivy League schools such as Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. 

SCF is poised to embrace a future that will afford our students and community more opportunities than ever before. Our growth is moving in an exciting direction! To sustain our growth and success rates, we’ll need both new and renovated facilities,  as well as new and upgraded equipment. We invite you to participate in ensuring our ability to provide affordable, accessible and high-quality education to those who follow in your “Manatee” foot steps.

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Please contact Madeline Mangas at 941-752-5336 or for more information on Alumni questions and opportunities.

There are many ways to fund your SCF charitable passions, including gifts of cash, appreciated securities, personal or real properties, bequests, trusts, life insurance policies or retirement funds.

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